Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm going to SAFF!

and am so excited!!!! Will be in booth 3 in the barn  in the building, booth 46, with Susannah of Harvest Moon Garden (hold me back, she has lovely fleeces I am told) and the countdown of days is shrinking rapidly.

Normally I would be running around like crazy polishing spindolyns and making fancy ones out of cherry...but everyone has the fall "it" and JB brought me a tainted Louisiana variety off the tour bus (and a tee shirt, too!)
I usually don't get stuff, or if I do it is mild, but I am stresssed because of the deadline of SAFF, the sudden cold weather (been frantically stapling up plastic walls for my shop, and picking the last of the tomatoes) and getting firewood, etc.

So to unstress and get well, I am taking off work from Knitting Any Way this afternoon, and am going to spend it wrapped in a blanket with hot tea, some time looking around at other peoples lovely work on ravelry and knitting on some soft and warm socks, toe up. More tea, more knitting, more zinc and I should be good to go soon!

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