Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bean Bag Base or Pouch for Spindolyn

handspun pouch
The base is finally done, and already hard at work. It is amazing how much more flexibility it gives you in locating the spindle for spinning.

This is a pretty simple pattern. It can be found as a downloadable PDF here.
You may recall from previous posts that I had to spin additional mohair for the interior tube to sort of match the outside pouch, and in doing so, remembered why I love mohair so much and miss my goats. But somewhere, right now, is a goat-herdess watching with a careful eye as her angora goats approach kidding season, and I am now a ripe mark for her shearing season economic stimulus bonus.


  1. Hello, the link is broken for your bean bag pattern. Can you please take a look at it? (2/13/09)

  2. Hi V,
    The link is to a pdf file, which for me, when I click on it, it starts downloading...I will have to investigate this further, maybe I need to put the pattern up in a different format, for those who don't prefer a pdf. Is anyone else having trouble with it?

  3. It does work, but you have to save it, and then select Adobe to open it.. :D

    Rock on!

  4. Right-clicking, then "save target as" works great! Thanks again :)

  5. Hi again V,
    Thanks for your second input, it helped me figure out what the problem was! I have re-linked the link and now it works as it should. I love input.
    hope the pattern is clearer than the link-ha!

  6. Thanks, I'm off to cast on this, for my spindolyn.

  7. I am collecting different design of bean bag 'coz for me it's a lucky charm for me. Believe it or not, the beanbag furniture is perfect for Feng Shui because of its shape. Practitioners of the art would tell you that the shape of household items is very important. And when it comes to shapes, circle has that balance factor all accounted for.

  8. Did you link the bean bag pattern to a different spot. Looks like in 2009 there was a problem with the link, it still doesn't link in 2018. Thanks for checking it out.


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