Friday, December 7, 2012

ta da! woodshop, socks and the season

This is a great time of year (and I don't mean the holiday stuff, but the season itself)
I like the way the woods changes so slowly, no colored leaves, but lots of brown weeds and hanging on thingies, with birds flitting in and out..not reached the totally bare, dark limb look of January look, just a gradual shriveling up-really, that is pretty  ; )

Yep, I am cheerful. I thought it was too hard, too much to physically demanding (in my condition) but tada! my woodshop finally has a floor! and "sort of" insulation. I still have some insulating to do and plastic to staple up over the insulation (paneling will have to come later) I was able to double the size of the shop, from 12 x 12 to 12 by 24 (taking away the sheep's part of the barn, they now have to use the front shed instead, but they really don't care) and reuse and remount the south facing glass so as to retain the solar heat gain that I am so thankful for on sunny days in the winter.

You can't know what this means if you didn't experience the "before" situation...but lets just say that a crampled jumble of tools on an uneven dirt floor that was muddy when it rained, and uninsulated ceiling and metal walls that were colder than a well diggers feet in the winter had gone on long enough (8 years) and was not conducive to productivity or happiness. I finally was able to obtain the lumber and enough salvage materials to get started, and I took my time and didn't get hurt.
I am happy! I have already done some of my best woodworking in the last few days, and really look forward to each day in the shop. I appreciate all the help I got, including the local building supply (shop local whenever possible) who delivered some of the bigger lumber and placed it just where I needed it and my family who supplied the encouragement.
My pink sock project lacks 1/4 inch of ribbing, and I have started spinning on the dark blue romney. (I don't have rules about finishing one project before starting another, maybe I should)

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