Wednesday, November 28, 2007

messed up the blog

thats what tinkering will get you!

"what are you doing up? its 3 o clock in the morning!"
"I tried to change my template, everything is lost, including the new and old template, and all I wanted was a knitting background......" voice trails off.
"oh, I thought you were working on something important."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

bag beginnings

"we take the time to do it right the third time"
was a favorite motto of my late friend Fuzzy. He would snort if he knew how many times I have to resorted to that quote of late, he always warned me...when you get as old as me, you will ****-up a lot, too. I would always reply "I will never get as old as you"
Jokes on me.

Yea, so all of my knitting projects these days take 3 starts to get them going in the right direction. So it is with my latest attempt at reproducing in knitting a winter bag to replace my worn out summer rattan bag...
it is just the right size and shape to hold my knitting, my camera, my palm, and still not look like I am a bag lady carrying around my attachments. The shape holds things secure.
So, the concept was to have it be felted for stiffness, but mix it with stripes of non felting yarn to give it textural interest.
First error, forgot to change the tension on the lk 150 to the larger tension to accomodate for fulling, second error, miscalculated stitch and row count (inverted them twice) because I decided at the last minute that the stripes would look cooler vertical. And third error, ran out of wool when making the handle, bottom and sides in one piece. So have to rip that out to make sure there is enough yarn for the bottom and sides, and use the acrylic for the handle.
Will the nightmare end?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the other hand

The second wrister has been done a long time, I have worn them on every cool day since my last post, and yet, I left it hanging on the blog.
Knitting notes...even though I know that this is normal, I freaked when I took the second wrister off of the machine, it was 2 1/2 times as long as the hand knit one. I went to bed thinking that it would have to be re-knit, but by morning, it had relaxed itself up into the same length.
Machine knitting is a lot about faith. If you did the swatch, ran the numbers and cast on, no matter what it looks like when it is hanging there like it is on a torture rack, the knitting most likely will look better after a good nights sleep.

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