Sunday, June 13, 2010

magical power of the knit stitch

Like many people, I enter my internet world from a google homepage that I have jammed pack full of feeds; environmental news, knitting, photography, farm stuff, spinning blogs, and a smattering of politics and poetry.

Tellingly, I no longer feed my horoscope and never have cared about sports or pollen count. One feed I do watch and enjoy is the “how to of the day”. One day this week, the title was-

“Today is Magic Day...How to Make Smoke Come Out of Your Fingers”

Forgive me, but the first thought that came to the top of my head made me burst out laughing…it just seems to define the entire US attitude toward problem solving right now.

Anyway, I wanted to post this knitting mandala that reminds me of magic, I fiddled with it some more in Lightroom, it is a sock heel, “kaleidoscoped”of course. When I see a close up of a knit stitch it just magically makes me want to run knit something, now, right now,and damn the dishes!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

making the best of it

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive.
The critters help some, 'specially the antics of little critters at play.
Our bottle lamb, Celery, is a fruitcake, for sure. A bummer lamb in a bummer world, making the best of it.
I put together this little video to cheer me up, and maybe you, too.

(its in HD, if you have slow connection, once you hit the play arrow, you can use the drop down menu (it's actually an upward arrow) at the side of the video slider to make 360p instead of 720p and it will play smoother, or pause it to load fully if you want full resolution)

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