Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nothing photo'd nothing gained

you know, if you are knitting, but too lazy to photograph anything, or say anything useful about knitting, then there is not much point in blogging about knitting, just knit anyway, that's what I say!

Here's the thing though, I may not have anything useful to say, but I have been having some useful knitting daydreams of late. We have had some cold nights, and this ol gal, who goes barefoot all summer long (yep, I'm one of those barefoot hillbillies) actually had cold feet!

Cold enough to put socks on for the first time since, oh, June, I guess.

When you put socks on for the first time in such a long time, that makes you wanna knit socks. It is an intense craving that rises up from the comfort and relief of those rapidly warming toes. Such relief inspires all kinds of sock daydreams of what you might knit this coming sock season, yarns and patterns and textures, oh my! I say...bring it on!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

back up and reload

back up and reload sounds like what you might do with your gun on the old homestead...
but the Knitting Any Way website is back up, crisis over. I got to thinking about backing up, reloading, and other such phrases and somehow my mind engaged in transferrence to bobbins and spindles (much more interesting than the back end of website maintainance)
I am wondering how many spinners have quantities of singles, wound off, waiting to be plied, and then forgotten while the lure of new fibers takes them off on another spinning tangent?
(that would not be me, of course, I am tidy, organized and ever efficient-bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Server down

strange thing, Lea-Ann of Knitting Today ding donged me the other day about my site (knitting any way) not showing up (thanks Lea-Ann)...I checked, it loaded just fine(but I should have checked the log right then) anyway...I hadn't visited my own site in a while (shameful!) but with making spindolyns (and working on a new design!) summer farm work, canning and visiting Mom I have been just too busy for web work. I noticed some things screwy, so I stayed up late into the night fixing stuff.

I have decided the whole site needs an overhaul when the rush is over, but then I thought, hey, the rush is never over..so then I thought perhaps I could devote 1/2 hour each night in the wee sleepless hours to it till it was vastly improved (or at least "tidied up considerable")...and in the wee hours of last night I made some improvement and thought things were taking off right pertly...until this afternoon.

Of course, I did not back up, and for some bizarre reason, I can't get into my site! at first I thought it was me but a check shows the server is down....down....down...(sung to a dirge)

I have been with this server for over 7 years and he ain't never been down before (that sounds like a blues tune lyric, doesn't it?) so now I am left wondering about reliability issues. If you have ever changed servers, you know it is as bad (if not worse) than a divorce.

if y'all are wondering too..well, I am here! (waving madly) just not visible...and wondering what to do.

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