Friday, December 14, 2007

rustica sock chart

I hear tell they are giving cold and snow after the weekend...still have some windows to put plastic on, but me and the monkey

are working on these socks for my cold feet (priorities) I'm a fixin' to put the chart in the free charts portion of my is not what I would call "classic content" (a chicken and two trees) but it is for me, so....!

image or the black and white version

image you know...seeing it shrunk down like this make me think maybe I need to reverse the trees, like this....
image yea, that's more balanced...guess blogs are good for something.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Testing the bag

got so excited about my turkeytime socks that I forgot to mention that the MK fulled bag is done..

I dropped one of those removable, compartmentalized stiff purse liners in, dropped in my camera, my palm and my knitting and took it for a test drive to Nashville the other night (a "locals only" showcase). Clubs are not my "thing" but live music is, and if you are involved in the music business, surviving an evening at a club, in order to hear good music, while aging gracefully is part of the deal.

It is always an "iffy" thing to knit in a club, as surprisingly enough it does offend some people. (jeesh! can you believe that!) I never knit while the act is on stage, only between sets, while waiting, etc, which is certainly more polite than all the loud mouth drunk chicks that talk all through the solo's...but I digress.

I am very, very happy with how this bag functions in this blobs down on your lap like a beanbag, securely and discreetly staying in place and feeding the yarn nicely!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Socks on my feet

Yea! the turkey time yarn socks are done and were on my feet (till last night, when I spilled a glass of wine on them, which is ok, because today it is 70' out (how odd is that for december) and I wanted to wash them anyway....
So, the final update on the socks...knit on LK 150 T 1.5, with merino sock weight yarn from painted tiger in the colorway "turkey time" the pattern is the standard toe with round heel from the book"Sock Options for Machine Knitters"
Next...I need some boot weight socks, so stash diving is in the plans for this evening...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

unborn socks are not a pretty thing

unborn socks are not necessarily pretty thing, This is the turkeytime, knit on the LK 150 T 1.5 with the round knit heel pattern from "Sock Options for Machine Knitters"

They are at the place of seaming and doing the ipso facto ribbing...but I keep dropping the dpn..need more coffee..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

turkey from tiger arrived


My yarn arrived! isn’t it yummy? I am swatching now for socks and eating that wonderful Michigan apple.

Monday, December 3, 2007

yarn mandala


waiting on my turkey

The color of forsythia leaves when they begin to turn in the fall, is a combination of pinkish gold and burgundy sings out like the sparkle of an elegant table setting. I once had a sweater that was "almost" that color..moths carried it away long ago, but it always made me feel elegant (and of course it picked up the highlights in my hair...(ha!)
I have been looking for a yarn that had that same "feel" for a long time.... when Painted Tiger ordered something from me at Knitting Any Way, I clicked on her link and tada! she had that color in her Etsy store...called "Turkey Time" in hand dyed merino

...yea..bed socks for me to knock away the winter, how am I going to hold my feet up to my head so you can see how they bring out the highlights in my hair?
The yarn might be here today...mmmm.bkgrnd

Sunday, December 2, 2007

ravelry and unraveled

Ok, ravelry blows me away.
the concept is both fabulous and frightening,
Thousands of knitters, all over the world, exposed to the whole world, all their projects, patterns, ideas, dreams, hopes and mistakes there for your awe, admiration or amazement....and yet, it makes me a little uneasy. It makes me feel a little like a voyeur, and even more like a failure.
I don't have time to upload my stash contents, my wip, my fo, maybe I am different or challenged, but if I took the time it took, when would I knit? when would I do laundry?
Even if I never updated myself on ravelry and just visited it for inspiration, there is so much great knitting there, I can see it eating up hours of my time, just wandering from one great pattern to the next and admiring one great knitter after another, lusting after the next new yarn......
Is it just me that has to work for a living? where the hell do these people get their time for knitting and money for yarn?
ok, this is not a rant, it is just that ravelry is, for me, at once both truly awesome and truly overwhelming, and not just a little "big brother is watching me and my knitting"...(who me, paranoid?)

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