Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mr. Rodgers sweater, spitting snow and hot pink

If you ever wear an Angora sweater while turning wood on a lathe, that sweater will never be used for anything else, as it will be impregnated with a thousand little slivers and curls of wood. I usually start out with my denim "turning coat" over my sweater, get into the moment, get warm, and take the denim coat off...
So, having ruined two (already worn out) sweaters in the shop (slow learner?) I have adopted a new "Mr. Rodgers" technique. I leave the "turning sweaters" in the shop on a nice coat hook. I wear my normal farm sweater out to the shop, and upon arriving, I take off my farm sweater, neatly hang it on the hook, put on my turning sweater, my turning hat and my dust mask...for some reason, all this clothes changing at the beginning of the task makes me a bit like Mr. Rodgers.....all tidy and kind .

I can not say it has been a hard winter, no terrible cold waves, no mounds of snow, but it has been a dreary winter, lots of bitter winds and overcast days. We finally had a "real" snow recently...well, it stuck on surfaces anyway, first of the winter and not till March.
I took a walk to enjoy it and my little flock followed me around the pasture.
Here they are up the lane behind the wood shop, which you can see in the background.
And again, on up in the pasture, enjoying the view.
Finally! a little while back I finished the hot pink socks and have had plenty of opportunity to wear them this very cold late winter (not yet spring, though it aughta be)
These were completely spun and plied on the spindolyn (navajo three plied as I went, aka "ply on the fly") The fleece was pretty neppy, so are the socks, but that's all good, they are not for competition They are also a bit strange, as they are toe up, and I forgot which pattern I used for the first one, and so the heel is completely different on the second one, and sadly, I can't find the "recipe" for the first one, which I really liked better, as the heel was a bit rounder, and I can't even remember the how of it. Oh well, another thing to relearn, and learning is fun. ; )

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