Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learning to Spin at an Early Age


This is Celery, she is in the house because she was one of twins, and her mother just wanted to keep the boy (who is much bigger and handsomer, with really lovely markings)

After several attempts at forcing sheep to lamb bonding, I brought her in and made her a place in the laundry room. She would prefer the run of the house.


Bottle babies take up valuable spinning and knitting time, but they make up for it in cuteness factor.


Celery is curious about everything, she enjoys bothering the dogs aand terrifying the cat. She can travel at very high speeds, jump down steps and is pretty proud of herself.

She is also interested in learning to spin, in particular, jacob fleece.




All about the base, the styles, the whys and wherefores

Over the years, the spindolyn base has gone through many iterations, as I have found myself wanting to spin in different seating situatio...