Monday, February 22, 2010

there comes a time

When you have to use up the wool you have, before you can aquire more….shearing season is fast approaching, so we better spin, spin, spin.


This is Edwina, she is looking forward to spring.

There comes a time, when you have to ~believe~ that no matter how crappy the weather is now, no matter how out of the ordinarily creepy the weather seems, on top of being damned inconvenient and hardship causing it is, you simply have to believe that spring will come.

Edwina believes in spring.

We had a teaser weekend. a 60 degree day, with partial sunshine. No wind, a good day to pluck bunnies. Wendy was here and helped me work a few of them over, and I asked her to pluck some greens from the yard to treat them, and that is when i realized that there is nothing green in the yard big enough to pull up. It is all smashed down from the ice and snow, all dormant still, crouching down, waiting, cowering, expecting the next big blow. That is so weird, thought I. Normally, by the third week of february, it is starting to green up, but somehow, the green knows that they are predicting nights in the teens this week.

So it is a time to hold off on the gardening and keep a spinning, and believe in spring.

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