Wednesday, January 31, 2007

warming up

from shop work, it is a toasty 38 in the shop, 58 in the cabin, so I am coming in to warm up and work on the spindolyn thing about this kind of weather, you can spin with a sort of desperation, keeping thoughts of soft and silky neck warmers-to-be in mind as inspiration, as you try not to hunch up your shoulders from the chill.

trying out a new (not really) way to say "whats new"

via a blog. old hat, but maybe more efficient to put it on blogger and feed to the site. So this is testing.
more testing has revealed that the some of my "how to pages" where all garbledy in some browsers(!!!) where I tried to use layers, I can tell by stats they were visited alot, how come you guys never told me!?!?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

working on new spindle

preliminarily called "the pixie"
It will have a shorter base for more clearance in the car, and a wooden shaft above the whorl.
I still have not given up on the idea of a strumming style, but need to have access to the great wood I did up on the cumberland plateau.

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