Monday, May 26, 2008

wagging tails and spinning yarns

This is Luke. Luke is a willing, if inept student. He would love to learn to spin on the new Alto Spindolyn, but he ain't the sharpest pup in the litter. He tries his hardest to be good at ranch security, but often barks at his own echo. He gets points for enthusiasm, though!


I know I told some people that I would have the new Alto up on the website by this week...but I am still fiddling, formatting and installing on the new computer, and don't have the web software working quite right, and have orders to fill, but will get to the web updates asap, for now, here is the sneak preview.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the cotton is high and so am I!

Not really, on either count (well sort of) but the cotton is up!

Oh! guess you would like to see it without a hair net?

you may be asking, why the hair net? cotton seed is very nutritious to little mice, and this is, an old cabin, after all. I have to protect all interestingly tasty seeds that I try and germinate, or I wait, and wait, only to discover upon close scrutiny little tiny foot prints, and little tiny holes dug in the flats, and all tasty seeds eaten.

And am I high? well I am pretty stoked about the most recent prototype for the new spindolyn that I finished this afternoon. I am actually happy with it and I got carried away spinning on it and lost track of time (a good sign) and it has not been tossed in the corner, into the growing pile of strange knitting and spinning prototypes that didn't make the mark with me.

No, I dig it, and am looking forward to more spinning on it this evening after the obligatory shower and tick inspection...
but best of all, I am caught up!! everyones spindolyn has been shipped....hooorayyy!

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