Wednesday, November 6, 2013

20 min spin, shop updates, report from SAFF

from spindolyn onto ball winder heading for ply baby bracelet

20 min spin

The "5 min spin" challenge for myself evolved into something different since the last time I posted.
 It did get me to start thinking about making time for spinning, but I discovered 5 minutes was not enough, and I began feeling anxious about the timer going off .... so I thought about the timer and what else I use it for. I use a time often when cooking (scatter brained person that I am, burning things is a real hazard) but normally, when I set the timer, I start washing the dishes, or cleaning the kitchen. So what did I do? I delegated those chores to someone else in the household...I cook, you clean.
 And while the dinner was cooking away, I have been spinning..major change in my state of mind, happy with progress, and the peace and calm that comes with settling down during that time of day!
Course, there is no way I can afford the full hour and half that it takes to roast a big chicken, but I have been getting about 15 or 20 minutes time before I go back to work at Cady Mays Corner or back to the kitchen to prep the salad or vegetables or out to the yard to chase the *&^%&&% goats (aka "spawn of the devil") and put them back in the pasture (I am soon transitioning to an "all sheep, all the time" farm, and the goats will be like a bad nightmare)

 report from SAFF

SAFF was a wonderful! I want to say a special thank you to all the lovely spinners I met, and it was interesting to take special spindolyn orders in watch people use their hands and voices to describe the wood and the shape that they wanted in their spindolyn, and to listen to them talk about what type of spinning they like to do best.

The above photo is some finn fiber I brought home to do an "autumn" themed pair of socks, they will be mostly the maroon, but the yellow and maroon random spinning will be for accent (haven't decided where I am going to put that in the socks yet)

Shop update

Which brings me to my Etsy shop...yep! it is still empty, had to catch up on orders from, then special orders from SAFF customers (still working on those, today I get to work with curly maple, woohooo!) and hopefully by friday will be able to start on my Etsy shop special spindolyns, I have some new cherry that looks really nice and reddish and some more kentucky coffee tree wood, which I think is dreamy...
parts is parts...misc wood pieces that are seasoning by the back door of my shop...the gate is to keep the goats out.

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