Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting enough fiber

Fiber festivals are really the best place to get loaded up on fiber for maximum health and spinning nutrition.
I did get color overload a little bit, but SAFF was definitely fun and filled with inspiration and nice people.
I had orders pile up while I was gone, and am catching up now, so if you are waiting on a Spindolyn, I appreciate your patience, most gratefully!

This is our booth, and the lovely, talented, kind and encouraging Susannah of Harvest Moon farm at the helm of her spinning wheel. In the baskets- soft and spinnable roving from her sheep (Finn and BFL and various blends)
 Just so's you knows and you might be tempted to come next year to SAFF, it IS in the mountains of North Carolina, which you can see in the distance in this photo, beyond the trailers that brought sheep and llamas and goats and other fuzzy creatures to the festival...such a pretty, pretty place.
 I got the blues whiles I was there (not really) but I did bring home some oceany blueish green  roving from Susannah and some blue and turquoise mohair to blend with it--- a great combo for socks. The grayish in the background is colored mohair locks...ok. call me curious.

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