Tuesday, January 28, 2014

cold, cold, cold, spinning and plying

I can say only one nice thing about this frigid winter, it has been a good time to knit and spin.

finn and silk blend

isn't maple a pretty wood?

an unevenly plied sample
 Usually if there are nice winter days, after shop work is done, you will find me wandering the hillsides, but this winter, the brutal weather has kept me indoors and even away from the shop.

Although I put a floor in the wood shop, and it is "sort of" insulted, the little space heater can't keep up with these kinds of temperatures, and I can't run the tools if the temperature in the shop is below 25 or so (course, my fingers don't like that temp, either) so right now, my Etsy store has slim pickin's. But I hear tell that the weather is going to break soon, and I can't wait to get back to the lathe. I have some nice walnut, and found a very interesting cherry blank to work on...just waiting on the weather.
Meanwhile...I have been working on various drafting techniques on the spindolyn, and playing with one of my prototypes for a spindolyn lazy Kate..what do you think? is a place for two spindolyns enough, or should it be for 4..I think 4 looks a bit cluttered, and do people really 4 ply off of spindles? I kinda don't think so...
Any way, I don't know, it works, but...just thinking out loud here, I need to finish this plying and see how I feel, and spin some more, and ply and maybe knit and hope it warms up soon.

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