Friday, January 16, 2009

Scrub a dub, fleece in a tub

Bath poufs, shower scrubbies, soap saver puffs, whatever you call them, these mesh wonders are useful for more than the bath. With one snip of the center cord I have used them for several years in garden applications, pond filters, yarn bra's, etc. But where they really shine is as mesh fleece washing bags. If you have never opened one, they deconstruct as a long, long tube of nylon mesh. Cut the sections longer than you think you need them, and you won't have to tie the ends shut when you place your locks (with tips aligned all in one direction, of course) into them for washing.

Here we see the jacob lamb fleece from a previous post, the locks being carefully packed into a section of the tube.

2009 01 04 010

Here we see the adult jacob ewe from which this ultra soft fleece came. It appears that her adult fleece is going to be unusually soft for a jacob.

rosie the sheep

Her name is Rosie (not to be confused with the mule Rose, who was more than resentful when I brought home a dark and scary unfamiliar animal bearing her name, she is over that now, and her fear has turned to fascination, so she hangs near the sheep and goats and watches them as if she were judging then for an "american idol of farm animals" show.


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  1. What a great tip! Thank you!

    Nice to see the animal that the fleece came from! (and Rose too!)


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