Monday, January 5, 2009

Cross species fleece sniffing

I am washing a jacob lamb fleece right now, in small parcels to divide the colors, doesn't it smell great?
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  1. Love all of the pictures in your blog and love to check out this site to see what's new. I am glad not to see on it how many times I show up on it for the world to see. What happened to that part of the blog?

  2. Why thankyou!!! and Iam not sure which part you are asking about, I have "html issues" pretty often..just found out that half of my blog was not showing up in Internet Explorer, so am trying a new template..whaddaya think?

  3. Well the print is a little small on the shipment updates and the rest is bordering on small for me. I liked it better the way it was; since you're asking.

  4. ok, Anonymous, I have increased the font size, does that work for you?
    I had to get discontinue the previous layout because it was not compatible with interenet explorer (which I don't use, so I didn't know till recently)


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