Tuesday, January 27, 2009

one down

Tommorow I am taking down the bottle shaped base off of the website...I can't get quality control on that wooden piece, so off she goes and it will be two to tango.
Good news is, while I am there, I am going to fix the shopping cart so that you can add extra spindles to your order..fun, huh?

We started the morning with freezing rain, dripping ice from every branch. A pretty view to work with out the shop window. Worked on a machine knitting tool order, and the current spindolyn orders, until my fingers feel crackly in the unheated damp air.

Then I worked on the "new, improved" (yay!!!!) version of the instruction sheet that goes out with every spindolyn. I will proof read it tommorow (always sleep on it, I say) and post it on the web site as a pdf, too! You know what? spinning is way hard to describe to a newbie.
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  1. A pretty view is worth a lot when busy with creative work, so is self disipline- proud of you, lv sis


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