Monday, March 19, 2007

time and honor

You know, Tennessee is a long state, I always forget that when I try to squeeze too much into one weekend.
So the old folks at home where a wonderful visit, as always. I am so grateful that I can still be in the same room with them and share our memories and politics and point of view. So many people that I care about are gone, and though we can't cling, we can slow down and hold each moment closer while we can, because the time will not always be there.
Time was the theme on the way back, heading towards Nashville, realizing that I was not going to be able to fit in the time to make it to the seff fiber festival at Montgomery Bell park, and passing by that exit saw this bus heading into town behind us, and there was that time theme, again.
She was heading in to accept her honorary degree in music at the Ryman, before it is too late.
It does go fast,doesn't it?

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  1. What a priceless & wonderful picture of Loretta. On the highways I have passed many Country Star busses too. My Dad raised us on Country music. Still love it.


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