Thursday, March 1, 2007

Peaches and bad dreams

I found it! the lost unfinished peach spring time farm cardigan! I found it in the bottom of one of many, many baskets that hold yarn, and rovings and unfinished knitting projects.
I have been needing a "fresh" cardigan to wear to the post office, these old farm sweaters are getting pretty ratty looking, like something an animal has been sleeping on and dragging around the house as a comfort blanket. Actually, they look like this from wearing them to gather firewood and do barn chores.
So, I thought it would be no problem to piece it together and whip up some sleeves for it....
that is when I noticed that one front is a different gauge than the other, the one with the cable button band already sewn on it is was kni at the wrong tension. The other cable button band is too short to fit n the correctly tensioned front.... Oh. this is why it was put away unfinished. The button bands were hand knit, the fronts where knit on the LK.
Here is the nightmare part. I have no clue what tension on the LK 150, nor what needle size for the bands....argh!!!! NOTE to self. NEVER, ever, stuff anything into a basket without documentation.

I really love this wool and this color....where do I start, do I swatch until I match gauge? or frog?


  1. Would it be too painful to frog it and begin again and have a perfect sweater? The yarn sounds juicy!!

  2. Whaledancer, (great name!) of course, you are right.
    It would be silly not to frog it. Frog it All, I say, by jove!
    Because knitting is, after all, performance art.


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