Sunday, March 11, 2007

march winds, not yet

So I have been falling in bed exhausted from spring farm/garden work and got this idea that I would chart the "march wind" (sort of like charting a verb intead of a noun)
I have been hankering to knit something to felt since the recent discussion on the yahoo lk150 group. The perfect candidate is the pending waist bag prototype for my spindloyn (I miss wearing a spindolyn sometimes)
The idea was to have the clouds be knit in acrylic and the background wool so that the background would shrink and the clouds pouf out. The chart is supposed to be like oriental depiction of wind, but it is not there yet, by any means.
Sometimes, I chart on the first take, sometimes, I have to put them away for a few days and redo them..this one is a long way away, it may have to be canned altogether, because even though I have redone and redone it, it has major suckage.
Maybe because the days have been fabulously warm and not windy and perfect for gardening.
Anyway, when (if) I get it right, I'll post it on the free charts page and either way, hope to get the bag done soon.

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