Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Spinning, Knitting and gee, time to get out the woolies!

I believe I mentioned that I bought some lovely rainbow roving  top last year at SAFF, and it took me almost a year to get around to spinning it, should have started sooner, as it is a super-wash merino, not at all compacted, spins like a dream and is my current favorite thing on the spindolyn.


Actually, I should have bought more of it, but although I can remember the location of the booth of the talented dyer at SAFF last year, I lost the card that came with the fiber, and can’t remember her name. Finding her (hopefully) again this year is one of my quests for this year.   I leave in about 29 hours…am I ready? Nah, still polishing spindolyns and packing…so why am I blogging? .needed to put my feet up for just a bit, and am just too excited to be quiet.

It really is a fun fiber festival, all that inspirational wool walking around, not just in the booths, or on the backs of the attending fiber animals, but being worn by talented attendees, lovely work every where you look. Sweaters and shawls and hats and vests, oh my!

What was I saying.. oh, so I divided this top into by splitting it in to two equal strips.Weighing them to make sure.



I have spun the first half up on the harmonic spindolyn and have a good start on the second one already…

but you know how when you are spinning and daydreaming about what you will knit, you get a hankering to go ahead and knit…this little lust was dancing around in my head while passing through my LYS and I couldn’t pass up this merino singles, so soft, so yummy and with those autumn colors…and so I started knitting this basket-weave something or other….(I think it is going to be a cowl)


And now that I have gotten that going, I can merrily go back to spinning!

If you come find yourself at SAFF, do come by and say howdy!, Susannah and I’s booth is near the front door, across from the restrooms.

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