Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sneak Preview New Spindles for SAFF!

     Autumn is here and we can start looking forward to a wonderful winter of cozy spinning and knitting, but first…..the fall fiber festivals!!
        I will again be at SAFF (South Eastern Animal Fiber Forum) in Asheville Oct 21-23 and am busy, busy in the wood shop making spindolyns in cherry, walnut, tulip poplar as well as oak, and in many different sizes.
        It has been a particularly fun time, as pressure always makes me have new ideas, and I have been trying out some new spindle designs and new base designs to accommodate the new harmonic spindolyn size.

The weather has been lovely, the leaves are starting to change, I have a really pretty sock on the knitting needles and there is a pumpkin sitting on my table, what could be better?

If you come to SAFF, drop by and say hello!

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  1. Hi CadyMay!
    It is not looking likely that I will get down to SAFF this year. I keep hoping every year I will be able to, but this isn't looking like the year. So, is there any chance of getting one of your beautiful new spindles via mail, either before SAFF, or after? I'd be willing to look over the "remains" after SAFF but I bet you won't have any, they look so nice. I'll PM you on Ravelry? FleeceFriend


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