Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a puppy, a ball of yarn, and a raging wind…

So, I often dry my wool up under the eave of the porch, up on top of the rainwater tank, where the animals can’t disturb it and it can take its merry sweet time, drying or airing out.

A few weeks back, before the weather was ridiculously cold, it was ridiculously windy.

This ball of yarn was airing out from a slight musty smell, before it went airborne. It happened on one of those days between the insanely unusual gust that ripped off the goat barn roof, and the day of gusting that blew over the chicken coops and allowed the roosters to unfortunately intermingle…but I digress.

After going airborne, the ball unwound itself as it skittered across the yard, and Maddy, the teenage border collie cross was ecstatic at the heaven sent new toy.

I leave it to your imagination what she did with it.

The story would be over, but someone in my family saw the yarn, and carefully wound it back up for me…and handed to me apologetically and said, is there anything you can do with this??




  1. No, thankfully, it was just a wool blend. Ironically, I had planned on knitting a dog sweater with it for our little "step dog" (our son's Jack Russel Terror, who never goes home, and is often cold in his short god-given coat) It got me to thinking that this might be what the sweater would look like after a romp in the yard, anyway

  2. WOW! Looks like my hair after a high velicity gardening day. Suitable, cut up for bird nesting material ? I suppose it would just be a bad lesson to let them just play with it...


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