Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The dog ate my homework

I swear to you that when I typed that title for this blogpost that it came out "the god ate my homework"
I mix up phone numbers, too.
I mix up alot of things. But I am deliberate and slow with the spindolyns, and still I make mistakes.
Some might say I am just a total loser, but I prefer to think of it as a handicap in the "absent minded professor" sort of way.
What does that have to do with dogs? I have a new rescue puppy Polly (german shepherd x red heeler) and am babysitting my son's rescued Jack Russle terrier (ever so creatively named "jack")
The place I was going with this is....Polly deliberately and slowly and gently goes into the bedroom and brings out balls of yarn, which she knows she is not supposed to get. As she walks by me to her pillow, she gets a very guilty look on her face and drops the balls of yarn at my feet.
Boy! I wish I had time to use this yarn, but I must make spindles. But longing for knitting is a good antidote to lack of creative inspiration, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all....
She is a "fairy god puppy of yarn inspiration"


  1. Is this Polly? Are you sure some Aussie, or African didn't drop her off- she looks like a wild dingo- literally. Very Tribal. Needs tribal name- "Bakeeta", or with the eye make up, something Egyptian "Nafrett"? Good for digging out moles and shrews I bet. Good as a guard dog? Probably. You are a good rescuer, and a good "mommy" lv sis


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