Monday, March 16, 2009

buds and blooms

I was just about to post these three photos, all in one post…to give the extra hint to the extra credit question of “what is this spring bud”…

The first one posted with its hemp cowl,


the second one a week later, (notice I haven’t had time to knit the hemp yet)


and the last one, with its rain soaked flower buds..


But then Cyndy guessed it, without the the final photo hint! Yep, the common lilac.

Today, at 4.00 pm in the afternoon, the sun came out. First time in weeks and weeks. I stood awestruck like some alien on a newfound planet, stopped in my tracks by the colors that have been missing all winter. One minute of sunshine can bring a million colors out of a single gray, muddy and winter weary hillside. Sigh. I can make it through now.


  1. hehe, I posted before I read the blog. Would never have guessed lilacs, even though they're rampant in my yard. Either your lilac buds are enormous, or it's just a matter of scale.

  2. I've always heard that it is time to plant potatoes when the lilac leaf is the size of a squirrels ear.

    The color is lovely, soon the perfume will follow...I've got at least a month before mine will open.

    Your hemp looks so soft! Looking forward to seeing how it knits up!

  3. yep, usually, I try and have potatoes in the ground on or around St Patricks Day. This year, the ground is so cold and so wet, it will be a late planting...we might end up in the same gardening time frame!


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