Sunday, November 23, 2008

one blissful evening

of uninterrupted fibering, that is.

Carded Jacob fleece > to singles >to plyed yarn > to a little woven square, and all before bedtime!! I had sweet dreams.

It started out that I just wanted to "spin" the evening giving the new improved reincarnation of the Alto Spindolyn (reborn as the "Tenor Spindolyn") a full trial.

fiber 047

But I was so happy with what I had spun, that I had to ply it, to get the "full effect" of this Jacob fleece.

fiber 049

I plyed it back on the Tenor spindolyn after winding the singles off onto center pull ball. It was a balanced ply and just cried out to be used at the minute it was wound off the spindle. What should I knit with this little sample?

My new obsession jumped up and said "use me, use me!"

fiber 050

The voice was coming from one of those little weave-it looms (it had come to me recently, tucked in a care package from my Sis. )

I had noticed that people get a little wacky over them and I wondered what the big deal was. Till I wove a little square on it. Then another, then another. Yep, I get it now. 'Nuff said about that, you just have to try one to see why they either leave you cold or suck you in to a blissful state of fiber oneness. I think it is because you have a little finished fiber object in less than thirty minutes.

fiber 052

Anyway, I took the newly plyed Jacob off of the Tenor Spindolyn and wove it into a little square on the little weave-it.

Sigh, no better way to spend an evening.

fiber 055


  1. Hi how nice the yarn came out.I wonder how you wrapped it around the shaft to make it a cone shape. Hey you know what. Your spindolyns have musical names, Alto and now tenor. If you make more you could have a quartet. Supranno, Alto, tenor and base. The picture doesn't show much difference in the Alto spindolyn. Maybe is the base different? It would be nice for it to have a base like the original one or at least have a flat base so it could stand up and maybe taller so it would be better for us bigger women. Our legs are bigger and the alto spindolyn isn't tall enough to spin freely. The wood is good though on the shaft as to grip it easier to spin the whorl. Thanks for your site and offering something we can buy easily as a spinning wheel is too expensive for some of us.

  2. Hey! thanks for your comment. Yep, the musical theme has been their from the beginning of the spindolyn (named after the mandolyn, long story)
    The idea behind the bean bag pouch for the base is it addresses those issues (ample thighs, thin thighs, no thighs-wearing a skirt) etc. With the base sitting in a bean bag, you can sit the spindolyn anywhere, and you don't have to lose drafting height by making the spindle taller. I hope to blog about this soon. Thanks for your input!

  3. Oh! I forgot to say, I wind onto the spindolyn by holding the yarn straight out vertically, always near the bottom, this is what creates the cone shape.

  4. I would love to know more about your loom and how you are weaving. What a great way to use all the "practice" yarn I will be making while learning to spindolyn.


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