Friday, November 28, 2008

New! Improved! and finally photo'd!

I finally have the new spindolyns (the Tenor and the Soprano) up on the knitting any way website!

Yea! I wish that I could find the emails from the spinners who made suggestions of what they would like to see (like a shaft alternative, interchangeable bases like back in the olden days, and shorter so that they would have more clearance) so I could give them credit here for their suggestions, but every time I change computers, emails get lost. If you are one of those, out there, reading this, THANK YOU!
Here is the quickie list of the improvements that can be found in the new models; the Tenor Spindolyn and the Soprano Spindolyn..
  • The ratio of height to weight, and the location along the shaft has been changed, giving a better balance for a longer smoother spin.
  • The over all height is shorter, giving better clearance in low places such as autos, and also reducing arm fatigue.
  • A food grade rubber sheath for the shaft has been added, that is more comfortable for the hands and give a better, non-tangling base for yarn wind on.
  • The density of the new rubber shaft improves balance and actually increases yarn holding capacity.
  • Two new base styles have been added that fit well into a bean bag pouch.
Putting the new version up on the website took longer than I expected because I kept tweaking and spinning...and I was having so much fun spinning that I kept losing track of time.
I am happy now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (my favorite Holiday because being thankful is one of my favorite themes in general) hope you all have time for some fibery stuff this weekend, too!

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  1. will the different bases be interchangeable with my alto or are they different? also if i have an alto that i love, which would you suggest as a second spindolyn? the soprano or the tenor?

    My thoughts are with you with your mother---no rush at all for an answer. I probably can't buy something new until January anyway.


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