Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Server down

strange thing, Lea-Ann of Knitting Today ding donged me the other day about my site (knitting any way) not showing up (thanks Lea-Ann)...I checked, it loaded just fine(but I should have checked the log right then) anyway...I hadn't visited my own site in a while (shameful!) but with making spindolyns (and working on a new design!) summer farm work, canning and visiting Mom I have been just too busy for web work. I noticed some things screwy, so I stayed up late into the night fixing stuff.

I have decided the whole site needs an overhaul when the rush is over, but then I thought, hey, the rush is never then I thought perhaps I could devote 1/2 hour each night in the wee sleepless hours to it till it was vastly improved (or at least "tidied up considerable")...and in the wee hours of last night I made some improvement and thought things were taking off right pertly...until this afternoon.

Of course, I did not back up, and for some bizarre reason, I can't get into my site! at first I thought it was me but a check shows the server is down....down....down...(sung to a dirge)

I have been with this server for over 7 years and he ain't never been down before (that sounds like a blues tune lyric, doesn't it?) so now I am left wondering about reliability issues. If you have ever changed servers, you know it is as bad (if not worse) than a divorce.

if y'all are wondering too..well, I am here! (waving madly) just not visible...and wondering what to do.

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