Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nothing photo'd nothing gained

you know, if you are knitting, but too lazy to photograph anything, or say anything useful about knitting, then there is not much point in blogging about knitting, just knit anyway, that's what I say!

Here's the thing though, I may not have anything useful to say, but I have been having some useful knitting daydreams of late. We have had some cold nights, and this ol gal, who goes barefoot all summer long (yep, I'm one of those barefoot hillbillies) actually had cold feet!

Cold enough to put socks on for the first time since, oh, June, I guess.

When you put socks on for the first time in such a long time, that makes you wanna knit socks. It is an intense craving that rises up from the comfort and relief of those rapidly warming toes. Such relief inspires all kinds of sock daydreams of what you might knit this coming sock season, yarns and patterns and textures, oh my! I say...bring it on!


  1. Hey, love your site but.......... I don't knit. I crochet. Have for 37 years.I do want to learn to spin very much and also I was thinking lately about learning to knit. I did knit a little in the beginning. I didn't make anything I just learned to cast on and knit and my sister taught me how to purl. I don't remember a thing though now. Any good online tutorials? Hey it would be cute if poseable pixie had a spindolyn in her lap. Well gotta go. Have to look at the site again to see what's new.

  2. thanks!
    yes, a pixie needs a spindolyn! now that would be fun to try and make. But your idea is a good one, to spur me on to making a couple of new pixies, they always cheer me up, visit again, I will hunt up some tutorials to post.


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