Sunday, June 15, 2008

Forget-me-nots for Dad's day

Even though I have been running in both directions lately, and still don't have the new Alto Spindolyn updated on the website, I wanted to take a minute to post a photo of these forget-me-nots that are blooming down by the pond and reflect a little bit. I appreciate y'alls patience with me.

forget menot

Some people are blessed with good looks or good luck, good location or great opportunities. Some people have to struggle to just get by.

I was blessed with great folks. Both my Mom and Dad are interesting and inspirational, smart and funny and the best friends I could ever ask for.

I feel blessed that I can still drive the 3.5 hours today to visit them on their farm. Every moment that I can still hear my Mom's laugh over the phone or feel my Dad's genuine hug in person is a blessing.

It doesn't seem to matter to my Dad that he can't remember 5 minutes, so he won't get the "full benefit" of it being fathers day. He will still be loving and cheerful, living only in the moment.

It doesn't seem to matter that mom's diagnosis becomes worse with each weekly doctor visit. She is still cheerful and inquisitive, positive and generous.

I will try and remember this always, and hope that I can strive to be this strong and sunny, no matter how difficult things become.


  1. You have been blessed indeed.

    Hang in there...sending peaceful thoughts your way....

  2. Life is so bittersweet at times. Being in a beautiful place, such as where you are, is an amazing thing to be apart of. It helps the spirit to renew, I am sure. To be honest, how you write about your life has alot to do with how moving it all seems. It's like a double impact of visual beauty! The pictures and your words. Thank you for being that soft breeze that sooths the worrying mind and which reminds us to be thankful for the little drops of loveliness that are right before our very eyes.

    I do hope your mom has been feeling better these days...



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