Monday, May 26, 2008

wagging tails and spinning yarns

This is Luke. Luke is a willing, if inept student. He would love to learn to spin on the new Alto Spindolyn, but he ain't the sharpest pup in the litter. He tries his hardest to be good at ranch security, but often barks at his own echo. He gets points for enthusiasm, though!


I know I told some people that I would have the new Alto up on the website by this week...but I am still fiddling, formatting and installing on the new computer, and don't have the web software working quite right, and have orders to fill, but will get to the web updates asap, for now, here is the sneak preview.


  1. Spinning cotton! That's next on my "to-do" list! I'm so fascinated by it! And thank you for commenting on my the gingham! It always reminds me of sitting at picnic tables an dribbling watermelon juice on myself (I was a messy child).

  2. I would like to purchase a spindolyn and have questions, I see you have a new type waiting for posting to the web and would like to know the difference between it and the one already on the site. Do you have a wait time and can you estimate it for me?

  3. Hello Melly,
    I visited your sight and much enjoyed your artwork!
    The Alto Spindolyn will be shorter, for more clearance,and heavier, it can handle thicker yarns, as well, so it is more versatile.
    Currently (as of today) no wait time on the spindolyn.
    Thanks for visitin!


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