Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are you waiting on a Spindolyn??

If so, I want to first say, thank you for your patience!
It looks like the wait list is about 2 weeks at this point (If I told you 8 days, I was being a bit optimistic about my superhuman powers, and I had no idea that orders would pick up so drastically, and that I would be called out of town again, so it looks more like 14 days at this point)

Explanation part 1 (-the business stuff)
And thank you to all who have said such nice things, and who are enjoying their spindolyn and spreading the news...I am unsure where the news got spread (I am out of the loop right now) because I have NO time to read blogs or things right now because I am making spindolyns and staying with my Mom in between.
Night and day, time to make the spindolyns... No time to post, no time to knit, no time to garden, just spindolyns from dawn to dusk, sometimes I feel like Mickey Mouse in the Wizards Apprentice, but I know the rush will soon pass, and I will be wishing that someone would order a spindolyn because my phone bill is due or my electric bill overdue, and they are threatening to cut me off, or some such.

Don't misunderstand, though, I like making spindolyns, I like handling the wood, watching them spin, testing each one (honestly, I have to say, I hate cutting and polishing the brass, and their are a few motions involved in making the spindolyns that hurt my arthritis, but a little suffering is just part of the artists life, no?)
Mostly, I like packing them for people and wondering at the far away places or the cute addresses or the lovely names (spinners have some great names, my name is kinda plain)
Please just know that I am working as fast as I can...
Explanation part 2(-the personal stuff)
I appreciate all your private emails and kind thoughts wishing Mom well, her treatment (radiation for pancreatic cancer) is really wearing her down. I am spending as much of my time with her as I can, and the family is all trying to find things that sound good to her so she will eat. She used to joke that there had never been a time that she was too sick to eat, even when she had the flu, but now she says maybe she shouldn't have joked about it.
Thank you for your kind thoughts her way.


  1. I know I'm ordering one because of a combination of the blog from Kelly Petkun, Knit Picks - she got one recently and has been blogging about it. Also it's got a mention on one of the forums on ravelry - and we all know what that'll do to an idea!!!

    No hurry, anticipation is part of the pleasure - prayers to you and your mum.

    Samantha Parker

  2. Thank you Samantha! Its fun to know the source of the interest.
    Mom is feeling better this morning, first time in days!! yay!

  3. Definitely on Ravelry in the Seasocks group for me

  4. Got your note saying you were working on my Spindolyn. How exciting! I'm sure it will be worth the wait. I am eager but not impatient. Take your time and I'll feel the love you put into it each time I use it.

  5. You know, so many people have been so nice about it, that I AM starting to relax a little and enjoy it more, and I think it shows in the spindolyns, or at least it "feels" it.


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