Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving along

Seems like February is always the best knitting "idea" month.

But just when I get excited about a new technique or design, the month starts to take on a frantic frenzy of ideas, because the arrival of new yarn catalogues and new seed catalogues starts to coincide. How cruel is that?

Now it turns out that some of my new ideas are being put on hold because a project that I have been toying with for a while has bubbled up to the top due to shipping problems. Over the years, I have been right happy with the United States Postal Service, only a few packages have gone astray, and it was mostly pretty prompt.

But then here lately, unless I mail out via priority, pattern booklets have been arriving 2-6 weeks later! Rats. This is not going to work from me or my customers who find it silly to pay so much for priority when what they are buying will fit in a flat envelope.

So, I decided to break down and make the patterns available as downloadable ebooks. I have resisted this for a while but the time has come.

Well, you know how one thing leads to another...

While in the process of converting the patterns to ebooks, I have decided that some things need updating, photos and wording, and so forth, and the project is turning out bigger than I planned. But it will be better. I am working on the revision of Hats Volume 1, right now, and it will be the first one available as a downloadable ebook.

Next will be the socks, slippers and then finally the new unpublished patterns that I am most excited about.

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