Friday, January 11, 2008

reconstituted peaches

I am telling this story backwards...because I told part of it on now, getting straight what is where is just one more organization thingie for the new year....sigh.

anyway..this iz a zig-zag bolero. It started life as a potential sweater, I began hand knitting the cable bands in 2005 at the club over Coronas  while JB was still playing with the BB Kings All Stars. I had hoped that it would be done in time for Camp Iwanna Knit 2006(ha-ha!) by that time, I had hand knit the cable sleeve insets and borders and machine knit the fronts, and had only sewn one band on...good enough for show and tell...

but I set it back and over time, in this cabin, mice ate part of the front and the other front was knit at the wrong I ripped it all apart and frogged the big pieces, keeping the cable bands (see photo, previous post)

Then I restarted it as a bolero instead of a sweater, because I need that worse than a full sweater, what with climate change and all, and I am not sure there is enough wool that hasn't had moth damage to do a full sweater....I have now done most of  the assembly and picked up the hem and the neckline to knit by hand...phew!

The knitting looks a little wrinkly, because I did not wash the yarn after I frogged it, just used it all kinky...because I am a little wrinkly and kinky myself, and I have no sense and even less time!

reconstituted peach

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  1. Are you ever going to answer my husbands e-mails or respond to the fact that he paid you for a Spindolyn over a week ago? We would like a refund please! I feel if you had time to post on your blog you had time to respond to e-mails. Thank you!


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