Monday, January 7, 2008

electric blanket warning, Will Robinson!

Here is my sad tale (freak-out, but then everything turned out sorta ok, but not really) tale of woe of the last few days, so that you may learn from it..

First, let me confess, I am bad about not backing up regularly. (ok, truth is, I haven't backed up since, oh, about august)

Anyway, like the rest of the country, we have been through a temporary, but very severe cold snap. Severe enough that the cabin temperature for a few mornings was not above 45.

One of these evenings, I was climbing into my bed, which I was pre warming with an electric blanket. (I don't sleep with it turned on, afraid of emw, but use it to warm up the bed in my frigid room before I climb in)and suddenly remembered that I had not answered a customers email inquiry about spindolyn shipping options.

I got back out of bed and grabbed my laptop and booted up, after a couple of minutes, the laptop died and would not boot up. I will not go into the gory details of the fruitless boot loops, the tears, the research, the reinstall attempts, the self recrimination, etc, etc, but will cut to the chase. 

All evidence points to the likely possiblity that the electric blanket fried the bottom ram chip. After removing it, I am up and running, but limping along at half ram. I have spent a few days (and precious lost knitting time)reorganizing data, hooking up and reformatting my old dinosaur computer as a back up and learning the ins and out of syncing software., poor me, half ram is soooo slow, but I have to keep telling myself, could be worse!

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