Saturday, August 25, 2007

pleasant problem solved (maybe)

the thing about inventing is that you always have to have disclaimers..I got all excited listening to NPR the other day when they were interviewing the scientists involved in the fission project in France. Yes, I know that you would generate some nuclear waste, but not near the quantity that they are proposing we deal with hear in Tennessee..Sure, come on, bring us your nuclear waste, there's money in it? right?
Anyway, I was going somewhere with this...oh yea! So, this morning I sat straight up in bed and think I have solved the balance problem with the latest prototype of the pleasant spindle! Course it is to hot in the workshop to do the drilling required, but I am doing some sketching on it.
meantime, while I let the ideas incubate, I have been searching for the lost baggie of soy silk. Contrary to popular net opinion...I LOVE soysilk. I don't think it feels weird at all (no weirder than silk can feel)
I want to get the dust off my big wheel and see if I can generate a breeze, and soysilk seems like a cool choice to work on.

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