Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I have an office!!! (sort of)

Yea, so I haven't posted in a while as the weather has made it hard just to make it through each day (see meanwhile back in the holler blog for details) But to try and maintain a cheerful outlook, I can announce that my life has become easier with my NEW"office" (yay!)
One of the boys moved out of our little cabin, and it opened up the little 8 x 9 room (that is part of the original closed in shed porch of the cabin (added after the civil war)
Into this grand room, I have moved my printer, invoice materials, shipping boxes, tape and that sort of thing....I left the futon in case I am overwhelmed with the need for a nap while packing spindolyns
This room is very cold in the winter, the wood stove heat does not reach it, and the floor slopes 6 inches where the floor joists are gone on the north east side, but it is a "separate space", and that makes it wonderful! No more will family food crumbs end up ruining spindolyn instructions, etc.
An interesting bonus of this room is the way the morning light comes in and is filtered by the porch roof, it is an elegant, charming light, and that added with the fact that the former resident left me his vintage stereo with wonderful sound and great radio reception, I can now conduct business, in a more gracious and happy state of mind!

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