Friday, May 25, 2007

why is knitting any way slow right now?

Mom lives 120 miles west of me, then Nashville (where the doctors are) is 90 miles back again to the east. But we are cheerful and making the best of it, what else can you do?
The times I do stay at Momma and Daddy's, their rural area has the worst dial up in the world (and no cell service, either) Mom says when we get on the other side of her breast cancer, she will consider satellite internet, and then I will be able to answer emails with more grace and timeliness when I am styaing there, and she can do the type of research on the internet that she enjoys so much. There will no longer be time to go make supper before a single page loads.
So, if you get aggravated with me for being slow, just give me a little time and I will catch up to you, I am keeping up, just a week or so behind everyone else. It's ok if you want to keep buggin me, though, I don't mind, and maybe I need the reminder, as I was the type of personality that went around in circles before this and the fire happened, anyway.
This really makes me realize what a face paced world we live in, and how we have all escalated our expectations to match the speed of Amazon.

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  1. My Spindolyn came today. Many thanks. It will be just the thing on my upcoming very long car rides.

    I couldn't get your email address to work so I hope this does.

    Janice Fischer


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