Friday, May 25, 2007

mindless mindfulness

Mindless mindfulness- part 1
I am getting adjusted to these times. I get home, unload my truck, have a cup of tea and head straight for the shop to make spindolyns or tools,working steadily from the top of the list down. I walk longingly past the garden that needs so much tending, and promise the dogs that maybe next month we will go on a long ramble.
But now is a time of a lot of driving (Mom and Dad live 120 miles -one way, west) a lot of hours in waiting rooms and a lot of long hours at the drill press or standing before other noisy shop tools. These activities are ripe grounds for wandering minds and I have been thinking a lot about multi-tasking and the mindful state and have noticed some trends I would like to ponder on paper, but it is going to have to be in snippets, as now, when I catch a few minutes in the waiting room and write on my pda.
The first observation is that sometimes my mind wanders in pictures, sometimes in words and sometimes it is just a dull semi-coherant fog.

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