Sunday, January 27, 2019

time for a change and a new base

Over the years, the spindolyns have been honed, tested and refined to make sure they are a pleasure to use. Recently, it was pointed out to me that there are some spindle sellers making cheap imitations of the spindolyn. Since I can't control the quality of the counterfeits, I can, as always continue to  improve, test and expand the possibilities of my original well as stand behind my product and offer assistance to new spinners.

So,  I have been working on a new base to replace both the castle base and the traveler base, for several reasons.  I have always wanted to do this, but it has moved to the top of list (over the other improvements and inventions that are currently in the works) partly because it will help my spindolyns stand out as the originals against counterfeits.

The more important reasons that I have been wanting to change the base offerings, is I wanted combine the two, to make one superior base: interchangeable in heights with different lengths of dowels, or with a floor extension,  to be slimmer in the middle to fit between the thighs better, but also heftier at the bottom. Additionally, I wanted it to be out of oak to match the whorl for a more unified look.

 Here is a lineup of the current prototypes of the new base that will eventually replace the castle and traveler...I might call it the "basic base" unless you can help me think of something more original.

Not there yet! from left to right; too much like a snowman, too phallic, to boring, and last....sort of getting there. Any input is welcome.


  1. Sheep head or sheep shape? With soft ears.

  2. A slightly wider base, slimmer taper toward the top to sit sturdily on the table or be comfortable to hold between the thighs. Almost bell shaped.


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