Sunday, December 27, 2015

What's on my sewing machine? A sock I am knitting toe up, a snowflake spindolyn I just finished, and a *&%$! cat, laying on some fabric I really like that I had just gotten out to sew a soft base from (think I will pair it with maple) But now, I will have to wash it first, as I try and keep everything that goes out "cat free" this means that I have to be vigilant about keeping fabric hidden in plastic drawers and boxes...but you turn you back just a minute, and there they are!!!! argh!

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  1. * Cady May's rant: Now that I am considered an "old lady," I really am appalled at the ageism that currently plagues and degrades our society. Ageism has always existed, but our current culture has completely lost all interest, reason and compassion when it comes to the mature scattered among all those self serving, screen addicted hot bodies.

    Referring to Cady May's Rant on Ageism, I agree. I think it is to this generation's disadvantage that it does not value what we 'oldheads' have to offer. It's a real shame! Posted Quote: "The well ripened people are lumped into one group, without consideration for the individuality, personality, religious or sexual preference, or even taste in music, as if they were one thing; "old". Their presence, their ideas, knowledge and experience and even humor, are all ignored and dismissed as if they were bums on the street. What a loss of respect for an entire group of diverse and knowledgeable people."


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