Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kentucky Fiber Festival, summer color and spinning

Yes, fiber people get excited about spinning in the fall, when the air starts to get nippy...but I also have this spurt of inspiration at the beginning of each may be softness of the greening leaves, or the bright colors of the flowers that gets the creative juices flowing. I start picking up my knitting and spinning more often, I start making more time in the evenings after long days of work and gardening.
 Or maybe it is the way dew on the petals reminds me of dampness on wool and how well it cocoons and protects us..or maybe it is the smell of all that freshly shorn wool waiting to be washed and dyed.....
ahhh, anyway, I just got back from the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival in Lexington, and it was certainly a wonderful time, I played with lots of lovely wool from the mostly finn sheep of Bella Luna Sheep and Wool
I think I am in love with spinning finn, especially the way Susannah has it prepared, in pin drafted roving that is "fluffy not flat".. it drafts divinely.
I talked to some very talented spinners, knitters and felters at the festival, and picked up a tip or two about dying.
Here are some photos from the festival. None of me (of course) but some of the spindolyns and Susannah teaching some future fiber addicts artists to spin.

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