Friday, January 14, 2011

Melting snow and the warmth of human kindness

It has been a “hard times” winter for a lot of people. Around here, we have burnt up a winters worth of firewood and e’t up a winters worth of hay, and it is only the middle of January. A body could get right down and discouraged having to rub their hands together just to keep them warm enough to knit or make spindles, but you can tell that the days are getting longer…like right now, it is already 4:30 pm, and I still have enough light yet to finish this post, put on my snow boots and go bring in some more firewood.
There just has been a terrbile lovely sprinkling of human kindness down on me of late, customers saying nice things about the spindolyn, sending me wonderful photos of their spinning in progress on their spindolyn, or their knitted sock accomplishments from a pattern in the Sock Options for Machine Knitters, or making good marketing suggestions, and even sending  winter soup recipes! When you’re kinda fighting the winter blues, you just can’t ask for nicer niceness than that!
Mono commented on my last post about enjoying her spindolyn, which after receiving she quickly spun up some lovely fiber and posted it on her blog, which is a very busy and fun fiber blog to visit. Now here is a strange coincedence…about the time she had placed her order, and I was working on making her spindolyn, I was actually knitting a hat from one of her patterns from ravelry (which you can also find one her blog) “Tempos Headcoat” (can you hear the spooky music?)

Here is another pic of my shop (in the foreground) looks cold,doesn't it? you can't imagine   ; )


  1. It does look cold, and I know it must be. You are one determined woman!

    Great photo though...Spring will come eventually...yeah !

  2. WOW! That really shows how small the world is these days! *lol*

    Did you make it through? =)


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