Monday, December 13, 2010

What are you wearing?

To stay warm, that is. I was wondering that this morning when I was out feeding the rabbits, chickens, sheep and goats with the windchill at –3. I was actually pretty comfortable in my layered merino sweater under a pair of coveralls and a wool earflap hat and scarf, but I could use a wool vest for in the house and some angora boot liners.
I was wondering if other knitters are happy with their wool “warmies” or if they have given the best stuff away and still need certain warm things for themselves. So my question is, what are you wearing and what do you wish you had already knitted for yourself before this terrible cold descended?

                           Snow falling with the sun shining outside my kitchen window.

The snow is beautiful, but the  unseasonable cold is a little frustrating for me, I have Christmas spindolyns that need to be finished and shipped, but with temps in the single digits and teens, the little electric heater in my shop (aka: barn stall) will not cut it to bring the temp up high enough to run the power tools. I know this is not like being stuck on the interstate in a blizzard with nothing to eat or drink, but it is a problem that is hard to explain to anxious customers…we don’t normally have this kind of weather in TN. But weather is no longer “normal” so I really will have to do something about the shop before next winter.
But the view from my spinning wheel is nice!


  1. I too give most of the good stuff away, but I did make a sweater for myself one time (about 75 pounds ago.)

    I've put it in the cedar chest where it could sleep moth free til I am smaller again.

    This cold makes me want to stay inside and knit, and knit, and knit, til spring comes.

  2. here in the rainy pacific northwest we "normally" have rain and moderate temps, so what i rely on when i need a bit of extra warmth is wool socks, fingerless mitts and long scarves that wrap around a couple of times. i do have a couple of warm wool sweaters and might need them this winter as colder than usual temps are predicted. hope you'll have a good winter and new year!!

  3. Anne, I feel you, most of my sweaters, sadly are too tight, the upside is, I get to start over!!

    Sandy, Thank you! and greetings to you, too!


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