Thursday, June 3, 2010

making the best of it

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive.
The critters help some, 'specially the antics of little critters at play.
Our bottle lamb, Celery, is a fruitcake, for sure. A bummer lamb in a bummer world, making the best of it.
I put together this little video to cheer me up, and maybe you, too.

(its in HD, if you have slow connection, once you hit the play arrow, you can use the drop down menu (it's actually an upward arrow) at the side of the video slider to make 360p instead of 720p and it will play smoother, or pause it to load fully if you want full resolution)


  1. OMG thank you for sharing that delight! I'm reovering from back surgery and that little clip brightened my day! Such pure joy.

  2. So cute!! Thanks for sharing...I'm linking to this in my blog.

  3. My young son SO loved seeing these playful cuties growing and learning and cavorting about together. He feels it makes all my textile gear and crafts justified, to know this is part of the grand picture (he loves animals).

  4. Too cute! They lightened up my day for sure :)


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