Tuesday, September 1, 2009

autumn creeping in

Funny how fall is at once a really busy time, festivals, harvest, school starting back, and yet it has a kind of slow and lazy overtone to it.

I am trying to get my fall garden in and the last of my summer things put up, but on the side table are 3 almost full spindolyns with a different fiber on each (cotswold, gray angora, and brown alpaca.

When I come in for a rest and a glass of water, one or the other fiber calls to me and I spin a wee little while, just enjoying the process. It is like I am not in any particular hurry to get enough of one thing or another spun, but just enjoying the process in the gradually slanting sun.


The alpaca came from KY at a farmers swap meet. It is lovely and wonderful to spin…

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