Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow white on brown cotton

Before I go out of town again tomorrow, wanted to say a coupla things. First, thankyee kindly to all of you that have sent thoughts and prayers to Mom. She is in so much pain, which is so unfair and so hard for those who love her, that every kind thought surely has to help some.

We had snow, which always helps my spirit some, being a snowball fightin, cross country skiing, caroling, hot chocolating, midnight ice skating kinda gal (yea, I grew up in Michigan, not Tennessee) and I thought that snow on my brown cotton that did not have time to mature (even though I started it early in the greenhouse) was kinda interesting..if not a little sad.

This is Einstein. He is not exactly a solemn anogora, he just looks like that. When you brush him, he is cooperative. That gains alota points. Brushed enough to spin a 40 gm skein (one ply of Einstein spun with lotta extra twist, one of merino...spun on the soprano, plied on the tenor) Immediatley knit this into a wrister.

This is a crummy photo, way blown up, but you can see how the merino fluffed and the angora sheened, opposite of what you would think.
The point of all this rambling, is I think I like knitting with the angora blended and carded together first, better. I mean, I liked spinning it naked by itself, thin as I could get, and the fun of adding the extra twist, and the way it plied, But when I went to knit it, it still felt fragile or funny, or something...
When I get back, wanna post the other thing I have been knitting on at the bedside.

Oh yea, Sandra asked in a comment...
"will the different bases be interchangeable with my alto or are they different? also if i have an alto that i love, which would you suggest as a second spindolyn? the soprano or the tenor?"

No Sandra, the new spindolyns are not long enough to fit in the old bases, but the old spindles will fit in the new bases, but this is not ideal (more FAQ about the new and old Spindolyns can be found here) It has to do with the ratio of height to weight, and the new ones have a ratio that makes them spin better and longer than ever. Now, as to what you want, it depends on what you like to spin. The tenor spins the widest range of yarns, and if you love your Alto, you probably would love the Tenor. The Soprano is lighter weight, and is designed more for fine yarns, such as cotton and lace weight. Hope this helps.

I also hope everyone is staying healthy and happy, and having time to knit or spin everyday!

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  1. Love Einstein, He's so.......cute. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

  2. Catherine, did you hear that Sock Options mentioned on Socks in the City podcast!


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