Friday, October 31, 2008

alto on hold and holding pattern

I ran into a major stob-up today while finishing the alto spindolyns due to go out tommorow on my way to Mom's again. They could not be finished and I sat down and cried in frustration. The dogs thought I was nuts.
The materials that I had planned on using are not level and plumb, straight and narrow, sweet and light, whatever you want to call them.
Whatever, I could not make them work out. I have some new material on order that will arrive next week, and may do a complete overhaul of that design, as time allows. Meantime, I have pulled the order button from the website.
On a cheerier note, the originals that have gone out this week just happened to be out of some extra lovely thinking that some sort of rustic base and knotty gnarly whorl might be fun, once again, as time permits (that is a weird phrase, isn't it? does "time" permit my knitting? issue it a little "right to knit" token or something?


  1. I am sorry you had a frustrating day. I am very glad that I already ordered my alto which arrived on Monday. I love it. I am a new spinner and had used only drop spindles before. The support of the quill has allowed me to really feel the drafting more clearly than with my drop spindles. I have made a consistent thin single which was worsted when andean plied. I also am trying to do consistent worsted weight singles but have so far only managed thin/thick worsted--but the range between thin and thick is narrowing so i am optimistic i can get what i want this weekend. Took a spindling class with Lynn Vogel at Rhinebeck and have some lovely dyed BFL from Lynn that I am spinning on different spindles and plying in various ways---Andean, Navajo, two and three ply which each ply having the same color order, plying with some plies having the reverse order . . . . I feel lucky to have gotten mine already.


  2. Well very cool Sandy! glad you feel lucky. I feel better about it this morning, having figured out a possible rework on the alto in my sleep last night.
    Right now, the alto is my favorite, I have some jacob going on mine now.


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