Monday, December 3, 2007

waiting on my turkey

The color of forsythia leaves when they begin to turn in the fall, is a combination of pinkish gold and burgundy sings out like the sparkle of an elegant table setting. I once had a sweater that was "almost" that color..moths carried it away long ago, but it always made me feel elegant (and of course it picked up the highlights in my hair...(ha!)
I have been looking for a yarn that had that same "feel" for a long time.... when Painted Tiger ordered something from me at Knitting Any Way, I clicked on her link and tada! she had that color in her Etsy store...called "Turkey Time" in hand dyed merino

...yea..bed socks for me to knock away the winter, how am I going to hold my feet up to my head so you can see how they bring out the highlights in my hair?
The yarn might be here today...mmmm.bkgrnd

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